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KCHD does not have an active inspection program for investigating pest or pest concerns inside residential or commercial buildings. Please read below for information regarding common pest, FAQs, and information on tenant rights and the appropriate agencies within the county to contact with your concerns. 

Bed bugs are insect pests that can infest homes, apartments, hotels, shelters, and any place they can find people at rest--attracted to the warmth of human bodies and the carbon dioxide we exhale, bed bugs usually feed on human blood during night-time hours. Although pathogens have been found in bed bugs and their bites may cause discomfort and, in some cases, cause allergic skin reactions in susceptible populations, bed bugs do not transmit diseases to humans.

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Throughout history, rodents have always been a component of environmental health and safety. Known to carry a variety of diseases that can spread to humans, rodents pose a direct to human health. In addition to carrying diseases, rodent infestations have been damaging homes and businesses for centuries. 

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Cockroaches are common pests within structures that provide them with food, water, and shelter. Cockroaches are not only a nuisance but a threat to human health by spreading disease pathogens onto household surfaces, food, and food contact surfaces. Also, fragments of a cockroach nymph’s exoskeleton and particles of cockroach feces act as antigens when inhaled and may trigger allergic and asthmatic reactions.

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Pest Control


I am a renter that lives in Kankakee County. I have contacted my landlord multiple times about pests in my house/apartment, but nothing gets done. Is there anyone else I can contact?

If the issue has not been resolved by the landlord for a Kankakee property, file a complaint with the building department or code enforcement for your township. For a list of county websites and links to contact information click the button below.

Village Contact List

There is a statewide set of rights and laws for tenants and landlords. Where do I find information?

Information is available on the State of Illinois Attorney General's website See their document titled Landlord & Tenant Rights & Laws (English or Spanish).

Consumer Publications and Brochures

I own my home. Is there a government agency that can help me with pest removal or costs associated with removal?

As the homeowner, the costs associated with removing pests from your home are your responsibility. It is recommended that you contact a licensed pest control operator for treatment.