Well and Septic Sanitary Surveys

KCHD offers the service of performing well and septic evaluations at existing properties. These services are most often requested when a property transaction (either a sale or a refinancing) is taking place, and in many cases is required by a lender and/or buyer. A fee for this service is charged, per the KCHD Environmental Health fee schedule.



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The evaluation begins with a thorough search of all KCHD records to determine if a plan of the septic system and well is available. 

An on-site evaluation is then performed during which KCHD staff visually inspects the components of the septic system for any signs of past or present failures (where sewage reaches the ground surface). After noting the liquid level of the septic tank, the tank is tested by filling the bathtub and allowing it to drain.  Faucets will also be allowed to run. A dye test will be done at this time. The property will be checked the following day for signs of tracing dye. If the dye is observed on the surface of the ground it will be noted the system is not functioning properly at this time. We may also, in the report of the evaluation, recommend that a licensed septic contractor further evaluate the septic system.

If requested, KCHD staff will also inspect the condition of the water well, and if it is sound, will collect a water sample for laboratory analysis. The sample will be analyzed for coliform bacteria and nitrates, indicators of contamination of the water supply. 

Important Note:  The inspection of the septic system does not include interior inspection or pumping of the septic and other tanks, if present.  The inspection of the well does not include a determination of the water delivery rate (gallons per minute flow rate test).  If one or both of these is needed, please contact a private consultant/contractor

A report of the evaluation will then be generated, stating the Department’s findings at the time of the evaluation. It is not, however, a guarantee that the septic system and/or well will continue to function properly in the future.