School and Community Programs and Presentations

The Kankakee County Health Department provides community outreach and education on health topics including healthy eating and active living, and disease prevention for schools and community organizations. 

Brain Breaks for the Classroom

brain breaks for the classroomBrain breaks are mental breaks designed to help students stay focused. Brain breaks get students moving to carry blood and oxygen to the brain. This training provided those in the classroom setting with an understanding of the methodology behind Brain Breaks and how to conduct them in the classroom in the most effective way.

Target Audience: School staff- kindergarten through eighth grade
Presentation length: 30 Minutes
Presentation Format: Slide presentation and interactive learning

Opioid Overdose Prevention and Narcan training

narcan trainingFree training sessions for first responders, community organizations, business owners, and individuals in the administration of Narcan nasal spray.

Narcan is an overdose reversal drug used to save lives in opioid overdoses. Opioids comes in various forms such as heroin, fentanyl, or prescribed pain medication. Opioids cause respiratory suppression (slow, shallow breathing) and can potentially result in death.

Training includes instruction and demonstration on administration of Narcan, instructions on how to properly document and report an overdose event, free Narcan kit(s) for yourself or your organization, and free Substance Use Resource Guides to share.

Target Audience: Anyone interested in learning how to use Narcan for opioid overdose
Program length: 1 hour
Presentation Format: Slide Presentation and interactive learning

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Heart Smart for Teens

Heart Smart for Teens is a nine session curriculum that focuses on educating and empowering teens toward a healthier lifestyle.  Participants will learn about a variety of topics, including USDA’s MyPlate, risk factors for heart disease, osteoporosis, eating disorders, making healthy food choices, and the importance of regular physical activity.  The program uses fun group activities to increase awareness and understanding of how health is affected by the food and the amount of physical activity each participant gets. 

Target audience: 5th-8th grade students
Curriculum Length: Nine- 1 hour sessions
Presentation Format: Interactive learning and small group discussion

Tobacco-Use Prevention Curriculum

This presentation educates children and teens about the dangers of tobacco and nicotine use, second and third hand smoke, and use of non-traditional forms of nicotine use to include e-cigarettes and hookah.  This is designed to be delivered in the classroom setting. The lesson and handouts that go along with presentation can be found in our resource library. 

Target Audience: Any group of adolescents or adults
Presentation length: 30 Minutes
Presentation Format: Slide presentation or Prezi.

Kankakee County Teen Conference

The Teen Conference has been held for over 25 years in Kankakee County. This conference provides the opportunity for teens from across the county to come together for a day and learning and empowerment. The day includes a keynote presentation, various workshops, and a closing session. The workshops include topics that promote health, safety, and success for the participants. We are always looking for new ideas for workshops. Please Email Us any questions or ideas.

The 2019 Teen Conference will be held October 30, 2019 at Kankakee Community College.

Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD)/ Pregnancy Prevention Presentation

This presentation educates pre-teens and adolescents about the various forms of sexually transmitted infections and the various prevention methods. The material also includes various methods of contraception and their effectiveness. This is designed to be delivered in the classroom setting, and can be offered as STD or pregnancy prevention separately or together.

Target Audience: 8th-12th grade students
Presentation length: 60 Minutes
Presentation Format: Slide presentation or Prezi.

RealCare® Baby Infant Simulation

realcare baby infant simulationRealCare Baby infant simulator is a lifelike, lifesize baby doll with realistic computerized responses, which allows teens to experience some of the demands of infant care.

It is being used by schools and other organizations to help adolescents appreciate the responsibilities involved with parenthood.

The Kankakee County Health Department has all resources needed for student experiences. These infants can be loaned out by contacting our health promotion department.

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Target Audience: 7th - 12th Grade Students

RealityWorks® Shaken Baby Simulator

realityworks shaken baby simulatorBy dramatically depicting how an infant’s brain is affected by just a few seconds of shaking, the RealCare™ Shaken Baby simulator and the related curriculum helps increase awareness of the dangers of Shaken Baby Syndrome and child abuse. Individuals can borrow this simulator for an educational presentation for their students or community group, or health department staff can provide a presentation on shaken baby syndrome. 

Target Audience: 6th grade students and older
Presentation length: 60 Minutes
Presentation Format: Discussion and infant simulator

RealityWorks® Drug Affected Infant

By emitting the cries and demonstrating the withdrawal tremors of a drug-affected infant, the RealCare™ Drug-Affected Baby shows the potential impacts of drug use while pregnant. This realistic infant simulator can be used as a powerful demonstrator in alcohol and substance abuse prevention programs, family and consumer sciences, child development and health classes, childbirth, prenatal and parenting classes, along with health occupations and child care career courses.

Target Audience: 6th grade students and older
Presentation length: 60 Minutes
Presentation Format: Discussion and infant simulator

Handwashing Station

handwashing stationOur health promotion team can come to your site or event to provide an interactive and fun handwashing class where participants learn about the importance of handwashing and get a chance to demonstrate their handwashing skills using the black light hand washing station.  This activity is aimed at children but can be a fun demonstration at any health and wellness event.

Target Audience: Any group of children or adults
Presentation length: 45 Minutes
Presentation Format: Interactive learning.